The truth about internet sting entrapment

Fla. Stat. ch. 777.201


(1) A law enforcement officer, a person engaged in cooperation with a law enforcement officer, or a person acting as an agent of a law enforcement officer perpetrates an entrapment if, for the purpose of obtaining evidence of the commission of a crime, he or she induces or encourages and, as a direct result, causes another person to engage in conduct constituting such crime by employing methods of persuasion or inducement which create a substantial risk that such crime will be committed by a person other than one who is ready to commit it.

The Florida Internet Crimes Against Children's Task Force (as well as other agencies in Florida) is alleging that they investigate and prosecute only people that are using the internet to prey on children. However, the truth is they are manufacturing crime and enticing innocent people by going to places on the internet where people are already talking about sex or may even already be actively looking for sex, but not with children. Examples of such activities that constitute the entrapment are:

Placing ads on Craigslist in the ADULT personals section advertising sex.
Setting up fake profiles on dating websites such as OKCupid which is a dating site for ADULTS.

Setting up fake profiles in ADULT chat rooms that are rampant with pornography and sexual conversations.
Violating the terms of use agreements for these websites which violates the Constitutional Rights of the suspects because of the malicious intent of “law enforcement” while using the service.

The people that the “law enforcement” agencies in Florida are arresting are innocent because they were not seeking for minors to have sexual encounters with. It is obvious because the stings are not even being performed in minor oriented websites and “law enforcement” agencies such as the Polk County Sheriff's Office blatantly lie and tell the public that the stings were performed in minor oriented websites just to give the impression of guilt.

The “law enforcement” officials are ONLY using the principle of first contact to assert that these stings do not constitute entrapment but they are sadly mistaken.  They incorrectly operate under the assumption that as long as these “criminals” contact them first, they can induce and encourage these individuals any way they want to.  The officers are not only portraying themselves as minors, but they are portraying themselves as willing participants in sexual communications encouraging the “illegal” activity.  These circumstances DO NOT constitute a violation of the child solicitation statute as stated in Cashatt.

…sexually oriented communication on a computer on-line service which is viewed by a child is not a violation of the statute unless the sender of the communication “knowingly” attempts by the communication to seduce the child.

The fact of the matter is, you cannot seduce the willing.  Also, when it comes to sexual communication, what kind of communication do the “law enforcement” officials expect when they visit ADULT chat rooms or place ads advertising for sex, talks about the weather?  Finally, what else are these so called “criminals” being bribed with other than sex, maybe money?

WAKE UP FLORIDA!  The statistics alone on child molestation cases prove that there is something wrong with these internet stings.  Far too many arrests are being made and far too many of the people being arrested are just average citizens.  STOP BEING LIED TO by overzealous “law enforcement” agencies that don’t care who they arrest as long as they can make them LOOK guilty!

The Memorandum of Understanding and Procedures for the state agencies which prove the financial incentive to create crime and due process violations (as well as A LOT of other useful and "eye opening" information) can be found here:

The federal code proving that these issues are matters of law can be found here:

The breaking story about entrapment on Craigslist can be found here:

A story by "Florida Criminal Law Report" about Gennette vs. State being the first dismissal on entrapment can be found here:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

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George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)
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Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

Thomas Paine, The Crisis, December 1776

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  4. NEW CASE LAW ADDED TO THE "Case Law Links" page:

    This case proves the double jeopardy argument:

    Hartley vs. State, No. 4D12-2486 (Fla. 4th DCA 2013)

    We find that appellant's conviction and sentence under count III should be vacated for violation of double jeopardy…

    This review indicates that all the elements of soliciting a child are included within the offense of traveling to meet a minor; traveling to meet a minor contains an element that is not an element of soliciting a child, namely, knowingly traveling within the state. Therefore, because all the elements of soliciting are included in the traveling offense, it appears that section 775.021(4)(b)(3) applies to counts III and IV, and the elements of the lesser offense are subsumed in the greater offense.


    Grohs vs. State, 944 So.2d 450 (Fla, 4th DCA 2006)

    We conclude that a jury could "fairly and reasonably infer" that various statements made by Grohs in his online communications with "Bobby" met the plain and ordinary definitions of seduce, solicit, lure, and entice, although only obliquely and implicitly by avoiding explicit references to sexual conduct. The tenor of Grohs's suggestive comments could be interpreted to demonstrate both the adroit artfulness, or enticement, and the enjoyment of active attraction, or allurement, of a predator laying a trap for his prey. The trap may have been set by phrases such as "we can be more, and do whatever makes you happy" and "I'd be happy to do anything with and/or for you right now." When taken in the context of being directed at a believed fifteen-year-old boy first contacted in a "Young Men" chat room, these phrases could reasonably be construed as aimed at physical seduction to sexual intercourse and the propositioning of sexual conduct. Consequently, we conclude that the trial court did not err by denying Grohs's motion for judgment of acquittal and allowing the jury to exercise its fact-finding role to "fairly and reasonably infer" conclusions from sufficient evidence regarding conduct that presented "room for a difference of opinion between reasonable men."

  5. If a person has 4 counts of soliciting of the same person on 4 different days, is that double jeopardy? The PA in my case decided to make 4 counts because that's when the conversation stopped and started. There was no sexual content on all 4 days. And I must repeat, this originated on an adult web site.

    1. Please post on from now on. We are reserving this for new users that pop up. Of course you can still post if and when you feel the need.

      The answer to your question is not that easy. The response that you would get from an attorney would be: yes they can charge you with four different counts as long as there was a break in communication and it happened over four different days and it does not violate double jeopardy. See ALL OF Hartley vs. State, No. 4D12-2486 (Fla. 4th DCA 2013). HOWEVER, you will not get such an obtuse answer from us without knowing all the details.

      You say that there was no solicitation on ANY of the occasions. Having said that, this is enough to say that the charges are bogus! You need to read Grohs vs. State, 944 So.2d 450 (Fla, 4th DCA 2006) and figure out if it is/was apparent from their communication that they made sexual innuendoes or at minimum hinted at the interest in illegal sex with you. Since the contact was on an adult website having the intent of looking for casual sex this should not be hard to prove that it was THEIR INTENT particularly since you did not know that you would even be talking to a "minor" in the first place.

      Your communication is/was protected speech if/since you can prove that it was THEIR INTENT to entice you with obvious hints/suggestions of illegal activity. CRIMINAL INTENT MUST be proven to exist with YOU in order to be guilty of 847.0135. The MOST IMPORTANT QUOTE from the Grohs case is:

      The tenor of Grohs's suggestive comments could be interpreted to demonstrate both the adroit artfulness, or enticement, and the enjoyment of active attraction, or allurement, of a predator laying a trap for his prey.

      I.e. Law enforcement (as we have seen in numerous if not most of these cases) are doing nothing more than "being artful" with their solicitations as to not be blatantly obvious like they are with some cases. Case in point, the "Hot Latina Looking For 1 Nighter" ad CLEARLY demonstrates their criminal intent to entice (INDUCE) the targets to "commit a crime" knowing that the "target" does not know they will be responding to an ad placed by a "minor". In conclusion, LAW ENFORCEMENT CANNOT POSE AS A PROMISCUOUS TEEN LOOKING FOR ILLEGAL SEX AND OSTENSIBLY APPEAR TO BE LOOKING TO PERSUADE YOU DOWN AN INIQUITOUS PATH JUST TO ARREST YOU FOR IT. I.e. Not only is this entrapment but it is not a violation of the solicitation statute since they are obviously giving you the impression that they are preying on you and enjoy trying to get you attracted to THEIR IDEA.

    2. Also see:

      Gennette vs. State, 1D12-3407 (Sept. 13, 2013)

      Because the preponderance of the evidence, as set out in the e-mail messages, showed the law enforcement officer’s methods of persuasion induced or encouraged, and as a direct result caused Appellant’s unlawful communications, the legal definition of entrapment set out in section 777.201, Florida Statues was met and the motion to dismiss should have been granted. The law does not tolerate government action to provoke a law-abiding citizen to commit a crime in order to prosecute him or her with that crime.


      Ex Parte John Christopher Lo vs. Texas, NO. PD-1560-12, (Court of Appeals, October 30, 2013)

      Paying particular attention to the BINDING SUPREME COURT PRECEDENCE CITED IN IT.

    3. the way i see it, that is prosecutorial misconduct, especially since there is usually no solicitation on behalf of defendants. Men are not going out and intentionally soliciting minors on Craigslist yet they are making it appear that that is the case

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  8. I cannot post to the other site so I have to here. There are a couple of problems with the Odom case Talkn Stang put up on the other site. 1. The procedures are a matter of law and 2. he did not argue the constitutional violations. Talkn Stang, you know what time it is. Let's get it done! Well done and God speed.

  9. Even though this decision is from 2009 it’s a little misleading as Odom’s case originally started in 2006 and the ICAC program and standards weren’t codified until late 2008 when the PROTECT Our Children Act was passed. Whenever a defense attorney requests to see the ICAC Operational and Investigative Standards the go to case for the State appears to be US v. Christie, 624 F. 3d 558 – Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit 2010. ASA Dennis Nicewander, 17th Judicial Circuit Broward County, advises State Attorneys to use this case whenever the defense tries to use the ICAC Standards

    Mr. Christie argued that the investigators failed to comply with the DOJ’s guidelines for the use of Confidential Informants during his investigation. The Court noted that the CI Guidelines do not themselves create rights for criminal defendants citing United States v. Henry, 482 F.3d 27, 33 (1st Cir.2007) (”Justice Department guidelines were not compelled by statute, nor intended to create private rights.”) and United States v. Caceres, 440 U.S. 741, 751-52, 99 S.Ct. 1465, 59 L.Ed.2d 733 (1979) (reversing suppression of evidence obtained in violation of IRS regulations) and concluded Mr. Christie was not entitled to relief.

    Unlike all 3 of those cases the ICAC Operational and Investigative Standards are compelled by statute (42 USC § 17614 – Duties and functions of task forces). For this circumstance the Caceres court had this to say:

    ”A court’s duty to enforce an agency regulation is most evident when compliance with the regulation is mandated by the Constitution or federal law”

    The Caceres court went on to cite Bridges v. Wixon, 326 U. S. 135, 152-153 as an example of that situation. Likewise the Henry court cited McNabb v. United States, 318 U.S. 332, 347, 63 S.Ct. 608, 87 L.Ed. 819 (1943) in a similar fashion so clearly we are dealing with an entirely different situation than that represented by Christie.

    The Caceres decision modified the use of the Accardi doctrine in criminal cases giving certain conditions that must be met before violation of an agency regulation would be considered in terms of a due process concern or use of the exclusionary rule.

    1. The regulation or guideline in question must be compelled by the Constitution or statute. (we have this)

    2. The regulation or guideline in question must not concern the day to day or orderly transaction of business. (investigative rather than operational)

    3. A defendant must show he was prejudiced by the failure to comply with the regulation or guideline.

    1. WELL DONE! We have and can prove all these things! The prejudice comes in because the targets are supposed to be child predators but they are not making the "evidence" weigh more heavily against them. It does not really matter the procedures were not codified prior to 2008 because of the serious constitutional violations that occur when the procedures are not followed. That's why the procedures were written by the DOJ IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    2. Hey aladdin, can you pick out some quotes from those cases that you think are helpful and provide the links to them?


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  21. I’m asking for people for people to check this out and vote. Derek Logue, The Fallen One has helped us out a few times now and I’m hoping you will take a few moments to help him. The show was a while back but you can listen to the broadcast here:

    The nominees are here:

    And finally you can place your votes here:

    If you aren’t familiar with the annual Shiitake Awards, this is an award show in the spirit of the Razzies where we ”award” the dumbest laws, politicians, and news hounds who abuse sex offenders for personal gain. Every year I host an award show on Youtube, which is entertaining. It is a fun project but it also points out the absurdity of sex offender stories and laws. I hope people can listen in. You can also listen over the phone, and I will take calls.…

    Episode Information
    ReFORM Radio

    Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
    Call ID: 29032

    Hosted by: The Fallen One
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    Time: 01/06/2014 07:00 PM EST

    Episode Notes: Tonight, Once Fallen and friends will announce the finalists for the 2013 Shiitake Awards. Which media personality, politician, or everyday citizen were the worst at using sex offender laws to promote their agenda? Which was the dumbest new law or news story of the year? And most of all, which state is the dumbest state of the year? Will Florida rekindle its Shiitake Dynasty, or will another state take the crown? Join us for the 2013 Shiitake Awards selection Show and learn how you can vote for the worst of the worst.

    Giving those who abuse sex offender laws and issues back the load of shiitake they give to us!

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  24. More bs:

  25. Here are the chats proving the entrapment in the recent Pinellas County "child" sex sting alleged to catch child predators:

  26. Jacksonville sex sting entrapment evidence:

    Panama City entrapment evidence 6/18/2012

  27. Be sure to view the latest story below!

  28. Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's are womanizing with other people's wives and are giving those woman permission to poison off spouses for life insurance money's!

    Under the pretense of sting operations police/sheriff's/state police/FBI are taking over apartments that surround their target and they stage crimes using doubles and they record crimes committed by officer's dressed as their target on photogenic photo's and also use fuzzy video surveillance in order to frame their targets for crimes and to build cases against their targets.

    They may also poison off their target by entering targets home when the targets are away out of their apartment and police will poison their targets coffee pot reservoir and will do this knowing it will be the target that makes the pot of coffee and then gets poisoned!

    Police cover up the poisonings by interfering with the target getting help at the hospital, police will confront the targets doctor in the hallway at the hospital and will repeatedly label their target a "Bad Guy" until the doctor gets the hint to not help the patient and to not take a toxicology test!

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    My wife admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary!

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    OHSU hospital covers up the fact my wife is a poisoner by ignoring the symptoms of poisoning and refuses to take a toxicology test and fakes not knowing what's wrong with me!

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    Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!

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    1. Why can't you be serious? This is a VERY IMPORTANT political and legal matter. Why would people want to use adult dating websites after being "burned" by the government on one of them?

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    1. i don't think that site has anything to do with our type of stings. Please keep garbage confined to where it belongs. You will be further blocked if you continue to do so

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  35. Same thing is happening here in Montgomery Texas. My cousin responded to a Craigslist ad for a 39 year old woman, when he got there (he never knocked on the door, was still in parking lot at apartments said to meet at) the cops told him he came to meet a minor when clearly he did not. The cops sting ad is still running on Craigslist right now, posted in the adult personal section.

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    It HAS begun and now the registry MUST GO!
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    The WAR Admin Team AND our Class Action Core Team are proud to announce that we will begin work this week on two law suits to be filed at the federal level this fall. That’s right – two of them!

    The first is on behalf of registered sex offenders and the second on behalf of families and friends of registered sex offenders.

    The challenges will be against SORNA and the impact to the registrant families, which has been verified and documented by researchers. Also, the public impact will be defined in an upcoming survey being developed with the assistance of Professor Crysanthi Leon of the University of Delaware.

    Even though these laws were mandated at the Congressional level then enacted to varying degrees by the state legislatures, we will be asking the court to rule on “the law” thus removing the manner in which legislators have purported to keep children safe – punitive punishment for registrants and families. It is time to take the issue out of the state legislators hands and campaigns and place it firmly in front of the supreme courts.

    The concept of filing based on the collateral damage experienced by those who seek to provide positive support at re-entry and thereafter will gather steam and provide a more assertive approach than is being used today.

    Please consider this your invitation to visit our website where you will instantly see the announcement as well as the opportunity for participation. We have also listed some Frequently Asked Questions to help answer as many immediate questions as possible.

    Join the ‘Movers and Shakers’ in these law suits.

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