Craigslist Patrons/ Actual Sting Ads

I know that every guy in the adult personals section of Craigslist is looking for sex. There is nothing wrong with this but be smart and don't respond to ANYTHING out of CURIOSITY. Stop responding to ads that appear to be enticing you to have a CONSENTUAL encounter with ANYONE other than an adult. If you are talking to someone that even hints about a sexual encounter with ANYONE other than themselves with the "promise" of ANYTHING (sex, drugs, money, companionship) then stop responding. The "law enforcement" officials are using your natural desire to have a sexual encounter to their advantage by pretending to be your "friend" and enticing/persuading you to engage in "illegal activity".

For some reason, "law enforcement" officials think that they can violate the law and create crime in order to enforce the laws and unfortunately, right now, they can because they are making the public believe that all of you are actually looking to have sex with someone other than an adult. The "law enforcement" officials think that there is nothing wrong with violating your Constitutional Rights by violating the Craigslist terms of use agreement just to obtain an arrest based off of a scenario that they created which is nothing more than ENTRAPMENT.
If your next sexual encounter does not involve some really hot, sex crazed woman like you were expecting (or whatever you were expecting) then don't oblige. Don't EVER be "too nice" and engage in conversation that indulges someone else's fantasy and not your own. Get what you want and DO NOT settle for what someone else says you can have. The "law enforcement" officials are not looking for "child predators" here, they are looking for horny men that are desperate for female companionship so BE SMART! I can assure you that this is not a game as you might think!