Operation "Spider Web"

Here is a mathematical analysis to prove operation "Spider Web" (and all that are like it) performed by the Orange County Sheriff's Office was illegal.

Internet statistics for Florida from

FL - 18,732,783 population (2010) - State Area: 53,927 square miles
State Capital City: Tallahassee - population 159,012 (2006)
14,764,418 Internet users as of June/10, 78.8% of the population, per IWS.
7,839,520 Facebook users on August 31/10, 41.8% penetration rate.
9,370,620 Facebook users on March 31/11, 50.0% penetration rate.

This sting was not performed on Facebook so that leaves about 14,764,418 - 7,839,520 = 6,924,898 people. This number will be slightly different for 2011 and I will ignore the one arrest from Facebook since one arrest out of 50 is only 2%.

Not all of these people are on the internet all the time, only 28% of people search the internet for fun daily.

.28 * 6,924,898 = 1,938,971 people

The Craigslist statistics for October are from
The number of arrest information can be found at

9 arrests/44 visits = .21 (21%)
.21*1,938,971 people = 396,607 PEOPLE!

10/26/2011 (not counting Brad Lee Shelt arrested from Facebook)
10 arrests/44 visits = .23 (23%)
.23*1,938,971 people = 440,675 PEOPLE!

No arrests were made on this day.  I guess because it was a Sunday and they took a day off.  This does not sound like they were too concerned with protecting children to me if they took a day off.

10 arrests/30 visits = .33 (33%)
.33*1,938,971 people = 646,323 PEOPLE!

10 arrests/25 visits = .40 (40%)
.40*1,938,971 people = 775,588 PEOPLE!

8 arrests/18 visits = .44 (44%)
.44*1,938,971 people = 861,764 PEOPLE!
Adding up the total arrests I get: 9 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 8 = 47.

However, the two arrests on 10/24/2011 were ignored because they were probably made late at night but before 10/25/2011 and could not be included in the arrests for this day.  Also, since the sting had just started the percentages would be useless. 

The number of arrests per day seems to have a pattern.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Office seemed to be shooting for ten arrests per day.  With this in mind I should take the average arrests and divide it by the average visits to Craigslist.

47 arrests/5 days = 9.4 arrests/day
(44 + 44 + 30 + 25 + 18) visits/5 days = 32.2 visits/day

Average percentage
9.4 arrests/32.2 visits = .292 (29.2%)
.292*1,938,971 people = 566,035 PEOPLE!

There is no way that these high percentages represent the number of people that are actually preying on children over the internet. There is no way that these percentages represent the number of teenagers online trying to have a sexual encounter with an adult or their parents trying to "pimp them out". Furthermore, these stings are being performed on ADULT web sites which should be a HUGE red flag. "Law enforcement" officials need to get real, do their job, and get a life instead of making one by taking other peoples'! Sex related internet crimes are only around one percent of the internet population! Up to 93% of child molestation cases occur because of people the victims know and not strangers on the internet. Also, 87% of all internet related sex crimes have to do with child pornography. Furthermore, 43% of the people that solicited undercover officers are dual offenders which means that 57% are first time offenders due to undercover operations. However, some of the dual offenders are only classified as dual offenders because they "solicited" two police officers at the same time. Therefore, they are creating crime and using virtue testing to do it and this is illegal.

Lusby v State So 2d 611 1987
We do not condone general forrays into the population at large by government agents to question at random the citizenry of this country to test their law abiding nature, i.e., virtue testing.

A jury, and certainly a judge, can deduce that conclusion from this analysis. I don't care what the subject matter is, entrapment is entrapment and if your daughter is on the internet acting like a tramp, it's your fault. Finally, research studies have proven that grown men are more attracted to teenagers and will be extremely tempted to pursue someone offering free sex given the right environment, encouragement, and consent whether or not they actually intend on having sex when put in the actual situation.